A Book Review – Get Well Soon! My (Un) Brilliant Career as a Nurse

Get well soonI am aware I am no longer in grade 3…however if you are a nursing student or new nurse you must stop and read this review. Keep Calm: it’s not a text book! You wont need a highlighter and there is no in text referencing involved.

Think ahead a few years to when you are an experienced nurse, and perhaps a bit jaded by your experiences on the job, and you want to share your story. If you were honest, it would probably sound a lot like this great read.

Kristy Chambers unloads with the reality and hilarity of what being a nurse is really like in Australia.  Get Well Soon! My (Un) Brilliant Career as a Nurse delivers the goods. I laughed, cried and now have some cracking one-liners up my sleeve thanks to her great writing.

Portraying the role nurse in print is no easy task and Kristy successfully resists the temptation to gloss over the gritty, unpleasant and sometimes downright disgusting but real details of the actual job. The educational value of this book is outstanding; I often found myself stopping and googling a procedure or term and increased my nursing vocabulary. Kristy’s ability to write an account that has you believing you are on the ward with her is amazing.

Thanks to this book, on my first hosptial placement I found myself being wary of agency nurses that jingled like the tooth fairy adorned with headlamps and other superfluous equipment and the mere suggestion of the word melina made me hide.

Some may find this book bewildering in its directness and failure to make it sound like your on the set of ER or Grey’s Anatomy. As many nurses suggest that to do the job successfully you need a sense of humour, this is a great way to test the water. My well-thumbed copy has been read by more than 5 friends who really enjoyed its honesty and humour.

This is an incredibly funny and easy-to-read book that had me laughing out loud. Kristy shares stories of patients that have touched her in ways you would never imagine. She tells the untold but very real story and you won’t be disappointed.

Get a copy here at UQP or as an eBook at Amazon. 

Happy Reading!


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